Volunteer Taxi Service


Stuck at home, unable to get to that appointment?


The Old School could have the solution you are looking for with their volunteer car service, which was launched in June 2006.

The service is aimed at senior residents of the parish who have no access to a car, or are unable to drive for any reason.


The scheme, which is still in an experimental stage, involves co-ordinates those needing a lift with our volunteer drivers.

Where can I go?

Wherever you like, the doctor, the dentist, the hospital, an event at the Old School, shopping, wherever you need to go (sorry no trips to Nightclubs for teenagers). Journeys can be one way or return but you will not be able to ask someone to wait whilst you do your shopping!

How much will it cost?

Passengers are asked to pay the expenses of the driver, which works out at no more than 45p per mile.  Although don't forget if you are going 5 miles one way then you will need to pay for 10 miles as the driver needs to get there and back.  However, if you get together with friend, you can share the cost as the charges are per mile and not per passenger.  Currently, the service of the Old School for co-ordinating these journeys are free; but there may be a small booking fee in future.

What happens next?

Call the office with details of your journey and ask them to arrange to find a driver for you.